Who I Work With

I coach and train a broad range of leaders in a variety of sectors and industries including:

  • Corporations and Organizations
  • Universities and Non-profits
  • Small Entrepreneurial Businesses
  • Individuals

Developing Leadership and Executive Maturity?

Perla Coaching and Consulting can assist you with:

  • Sustaining and growing core leadership behavior in young and mature executives.
  • Developing talent strategies and leadership skills for managers in all levels of the enterprise.
  • Identifying differences between leadership development and management behavior.
  • Addressing the unique needs and skill development of emerging leaders.
  • Teaching coaching methods for developing effective and successful team management.
  • Providing remedial coaching for productive executives who display difficult behavior in the workplace.
  • Advancing executive maturity in a demanding and kinetic business environment.
  • Supporting conflict resolution as you work towards desired results.
  • Teaching skills necessary to understand systemic and structural shifts.
  • Managing personnel behavior towards desired change and result.
  • Teaching talented entrepreneurs ways to manage personnel as your business successfully grows.
  • Examining succession planning for businesses in a fluid, global marketplace.

Put My Coaching Solutions to Work

If you need any more information or would like to begin your coaching and leadership training, contact me today.