My Approach

“The leaders who excel are the ones who are willing to dig deep into questions of values, legacy, vision, beliefs, and what’s important to them. These questions are the core of my coaching. My diverse background informs the cornerstones of my approach.”
—Rosemarie Perla

Possibility Mindset

In studying human behavior and performance over my career, I have witnessed the transformational power of focusing on people's strengths instead of trying to "fix" their weaknesses. You will develop a possibilities mindset so you can look ahead, no matter what’s going on, and encourage everyone you lead (including yourself) to play to their strengths.


As an artist, I have learned to look at things from every angle. You will become exceptionally curious about yourself, ask new questions, and embrace new perspectives because you cannot expect different results without a shift in thinking.

The Leader & The System

As the former Administrator of a healthcare system, I managed a large network of teams and saw firsthand when there's a problem in an organization, everyone needs to be accountable. You will learn to look at yourself in the context of your organization and navigate the complex “dance” of leadership, so you can improve the system while staying true to yourself.

The "Emotional" World

As a student of theories regarding complex emotional behavior of human systems, I blend coaching with introspective work that encourages you to understand all facets of yourself and others as the complex human beings you are. Your capacity for understanding will encourage you to show up with empathy, not frustration. Great leaders observe their emotions objectively and know how to manage them.

Behavior Change

In my studies of social science research, I've learned that true transformation doesn't stop at awareness and insight. You'll be empowered to take new action, reflect on its results, and continue adjusting until you meet your goals.