“Twenty-first century leadership requires courage, resiliency and a honed set of relational skills on the quest to understand oneself and others.”

—Rosemarie Perla

Coaching Creates Space for Thinking

My diverse professional background has trained me to listen deeply to your unique view of the world and help bring the real you to your leadership work. 

I coach from the “inside-out” in revealing your values, strengths, and leadership brand. These become your inner resources to navigate dark times with resilience and integrity.

Leaders who operate in reaction mode are easily overwhelmed. In the face of hardships, they might feel powerless and lose touch with themselves, those they lead, and those they serve.

Leaders who pause to think are calmer and open to see all options. They are able to speak and act in ways that are aligned with who they are and what they want to be known for.

Coaching with me will give you these moments of productive pause.

How do you manage yourself as a leader to respond with your best thinking?

How do you stay true to yourself through the complex challenges of leadership?


Through coaching you will be able to:

Understand where your values and those of your company intersect and where they don’t so you can make choices that allow you to work within that culture without losing yourself.

Observe your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions without letting them run you, because being a leader requires knowing how to manage yourself first.

Look at the big picture – with realistic optimism – without getting caught in unproductive loops that narrow your view and ability to move forward.

Be the boss who frees people to be themselves, think creatively, and speak their mind while respecting other points of view.

Approach even the toughest conversations in a way that orients people towards possibilities instead of putting them on the defensive.

Industries & Past Clients

Finance, Healthcare, Higher Education, Non-Profit, Engineering, Architecture, Emerging High-Tech, and more.

KM Resources | Grossman, Yanak & Ford | Sloan Leadership International | Retirement Plan Plus | Bill Few Associates | Performance Realty, Inc | Thomas & Williamson | Thorp Reed & Armstrong | Case & White


MS, Child and Adult Development | University of Pittsburgh
MA, Transformative Leadership | Maryland University of Integrative Health
Member | Institute of Coaching, Harvard University
Professional Certified Coach Certification (PCC) | International Coach Federation (2009)