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Why Our Clients Keep Coming Back


Perla Coaching & ConsultingNothing speaks louder than personal experience. Below are some comments we received from several of our clients about working with us. Read a few comments from some of our valued clients about their experience working with us.

Rosemarie is a spectacular leadership coach. She guided me during my transition into a non-profit organization with a challenging history, and was an indispensable asset in helping me identify and lead with strengths that were necessary to build an organizational culture rooted in optimism.

-Non-Profit President, Washington DC

I hope you know how helpful you were-are! You guided me through a very difficult “conversation.” You kept me focused on what I know is important and the hard work of a transition, with all the comfort and company of a wise coach.

-Nancy Hubley, Managing Director, Education Law Center

Rosemarie was extremely helpful to me at a critical turning point in my business. Her insight was invaluable and thought-provoking – her support and excitement about what I was trying to accomplish made her feel like more of a partner than a coach. She is definitely someone I will count on for advice and counsel again.

-Holly Maurer-Klein, Human Resource Consultant

Coaching has made me a better, more effective manager. I am clearer about my subordinates responsibilities and have made those expectations known. In addition, I have gained confidence in my own expertise and skill set. I can now process negative responses and work towards a manageable solution. Furthermore, I realize the importance of taking care of myself so I will possess the stamina necessary to deliver quality results.

-Kathy Sullivan, Director of Operations and Human Resources, Thorp Reed & Armstrong

I had some employees that were feuding and some others that were just plain unhappy and disinterested in their work. I had always assumed that my dedication and passion for my own work could carry my company through anything. When it didn’t – I called Rosemarie Perla. The immensely positive impact of her coaching has reached my staff and my clients alike. My employees now find great enjoyment in their work, my clients benefit from it and I like seeing it all happen. Through positive energy and happiness, my passion and dedication for my work have been lifted to a new level – a level higher than I ever imagined possible.

-Jon Thomas, President, Thomas & Williamson Project Management

I ended our coaching conversation with a feeling of celebration. Coaching has been an important part of my work and life. Identifying my strengths became the rudder and anchor in the waters of leadership and managing others. I became more empowered, clearer and better equipped to define a vision and to make daily decisions as an executive officer. It also helped me lead others in a more humane and intentional manner.

-Maria Otero, former President and CEO, ACCION International. She was appointed as Undersecretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs in August 2009.

One of the greatest gifts I have ever given to myself is to work with Rosemarie Perla, an amazing coach who has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support!. With her gentle yet firm guidance, I have developed clarity in my purpose and a strategy to translate my vision into reality. She has kept me accountable to myself, taught me new skills, and reminded me to value myself — without reservation!

-Ellis Katsof, Executive Director, Niagara Child and Youth Services

Executive coaching assists me in being a more successful manager in my business. Now, I can effectively set and reach key goals. Through coaching, I step outside of my regular role as company leader and view the business in a new way. Coaching helps me stay ahead of the competition and gives me the edge. I am now clearer about how I want to live my life as a business owner. This experience has allowed me to work on my business and not in my business.

-Dorothy Andreas, President and Founder of The Sewickley Spa Inc

Rosemarie is a highly effective coach who provides outstanding coaching to the business leaders that we support through our organization’s work. She is a highly trained and skillful addition to our team. Rosemarie is compassionate and committed in her work, coaching clients to express their strengths, envision their futures and supports them toward successfully expressing their best selves.

-David B. Ellis, President Breakthrough Enterprises & The Brande Foundation

Rosemarie is  a talented, generous, and compassionate coach.  She introduced me to different perspectives and new ways of thinking.  Rosemarie helped me to know myself  better  and to leave my limiting beliefs  behind.   Through her championing, provocative questions,  and homework assignments,  I developed  a clearer vision for the future and accomplished dreams/goals I never thought possible.   I learned to manage myself in  challenging leadership situations and  the importance of self-care.  Rosemarie knew when  to push me forward and when to celebrate successes.  Coaching with Rosemarie was a transformational experience!

-Mary Jo Sonntag, Director of Global Talent Management, Developmental Dimensions International