Why Leadership?

by Rosemarie Perla

autumn-tree-smWe hear so much about it … why should we study this topic?

I have been working with owners of businesses, executives in corporations, managers, young and mature leaders and, high potential talented emerging leaders for over 20 years. Having read numerous books, articles and coached individuals from different professions…I still ask this question and continue to study the topic.

But what does this concept mean and why the deep dive into training that so many companies invest in?

I believe that by studying leadership, we create ways to move into a more positive future in our work and in our personal lives.

Consider this: can you think of someone in your life who positively impacted you by perhaps seeing something in you that you never saw before in yourself; someone who helped you think about the world in a way that opened you up to greater thinking and possibilities for the future?

 This person was a leader.

Perhaps they encouraged you to manifest your talents and gifts or, inspired you to contribute to the world in a thoughtful way. This is a leadership quality, one that comes from a person having the courage to show their true character, values and strengths. When a person has this quality we trust them enough to learn from them and follow their lead. In doing so, we not only show confidence in them, but also in our own ability to learn and grow – guiding us to have more impact in our chosen professions and in our communities.

Often I hear people say they don’t want to be leaders and would rather sit back and have someone else do the heavy lifting. However, at some point in your life you may be asked to develop an idea, or to implement a project, or to change a situation.   When this happens who will you get to help you or how will you assemble a group to support you? How will you leverage your talents and abilities in working towards a gratifying goal: a needed community project, a key work task, or to step up in your family to assist with a challenge or crisis?

So I invite you to think about leadership in a different way. To think about how someday you may be called upon to make a positive impact in someone else’s life, in your family, in your work place or community.

When thinking about leadership it is often necessary to review the key leadership building blocks that can assist you in developing those mind sets and skills for professional growth with the leadership opportunities presented to you.

I invite you to think about those people in your life who positively impacted you and what you consider to be the values and strengths you saw in them. You might want to start a digital or written notebook to begin recording these insights.




Leadership and Professional Executive Coaching
In my role as an Executive Coach, I see a lot of very talented business owners and leaders who are cracking under the pressure and responsibilities of extremely demanding jobs. They want to make a big impact but are being pulled in every direction, losing themselves within the large system in which they must operate.
The stress of it weighs them down, feeding negative thinking and making it harder for them to keep a bird’s eye view, mental agility, and balance that true leadership requires.