Speaking and Training Events

October 20, 2018,  3ndAnnual Educator Prayer Breakfast 

To be held at St. John Fisher Parish Hall, 33 Lewin Lane, Churchill, PA 15235

8:30 to 9:00 – Arrival, Coffee Service & Fellowship

9:15 – Morning Prayer & Invocation

9:30 – Hot Breakfast Buffet, Door Prize Drawing

10:45 – Guest Speaker, Ms. Rosemarie Perla, Licensed Psychologist, Professional Certified Coach, Owner of Perla Coaching & Consulting “Living Life with Gratitude and Positivity”

$10/Adults; $5 Children; payable by check, money order, cash or PayPal* by Wed. Oct 17th

September 27 and 28, 2018,  Vermont Family Studies Center Conference:  The Science of Meditation and Family: How to Change Your Brain, Mind & Relationships

Presentation by Rosemarie Perla, MS, MA, Licensed Psychologist, “Coming Home to Oneself.”

This presentation describes how daily self-awareness practices have been vital through years of studies in Bowen theory-the natural systems study of the family.  Developing and practicing more objectivity in examining thoughts and feelings around efforts toward self-differentiation is key in the face of daily pulls of togetherness at home and at work.  Integrating a contemplative and meditative practice into ongoing studies allowed for more objectivity: sorting through insights and discoveries, clearly setting daily intentions, stepping back from family system happenings enough to define self – all assisted in facing family and work challenges with a bit more objectivity. These daily practices and their on-going support of the application of theory is explored in this presentation.

February 10, 2018,  Bountiful Life: Play Your Way to Retirement

Your best contribution yet: Creating a lifestyle planning process for a fulfilling third chapter of life.

We are excited to offer this wonderful two-hour event with Dr. Karen VanderVen as our guest lecturer with the topic:


Contrary to common knowledge, the ability to play and be playful is life long attribute that empowers our thinking, skills and quality of life.

This interactive and experiential session will involve participants in simple play activities to demonstrate how a playful approach brings forth a creativity that can be used to develop and carry out a meaningful and interesting retirement. Application of the work of Erik Erikson, a pioneer in life course development and play, will be discussed.

Date: Saturday, February 10, 2018
Time: 10:00 AM-noon
Location: Our Lady of Angels Church

Participation is free and will be limited to 30 participants and the workshop will be filled on a first come, first registered basis.

Please contact: Rosemarie Perla – Rosemarie@PerlaGroup.com if you are interested in attending.

April 7, 2017, Western PA Family Center, “Moving Up, Down and Sideways: Succession Dynamics in Nature, Firms and Families”, A half Day Presentation in the Application of Bowen Theory by Erik Thompson, Rosemarie Perla and Mary Jo Sonntag

This workshop is given by three organizational consultants with over 60 years of observing and advising a wide variety of organizations, family businesses, and families in the management of the universal process of succession.  Using examples from nature, organizations, and family businesses, the consultants will show how natural systems theory is applied to address the challenges leaders and consultants face during the complicated process of succession.

November 2016 – March 2017, KU Resources-Leadership Development Training

This is a series of Leadership Training groups with following content: Leadership Best Practices and Research, Identifying Your Strengths and Core Values, Developing Your Leadership Brand, Using Your Values, Strengths and Brand to Create A Sustainable Leadership Development Plan.

August 2-5, 2015, Bowen Theory Across the World-First International Conference on Bowen Family Systems Theory, “Making Bowen Theory Ones Own Through a Contemplative Practice”

In this presentation, Rosemarie Perla describes how studying natural systems theory allowed her to gain a clearer understanding of self differentiation and the powerful pull of togetherness in family and work systems.  The presentation describes a daily process that she developed in which thoughtful questions are contemplated as part of a meditative practice of reviewing daily thinking, feelings and learnings that come from observing self in the greater system of daily life.

October 1, 2015 and December 7, 2015, Grossman, Yanak and Ford, Managing Partner Retreats, “Leading with Individual and Firm Strengths-Part 1 and 2”

Rosemarie Perla debriefed managing partners on their own strenghts surveys and strategies for using strengths to work in a more energized manner enhancing individual and firm effectiveness. Part 2 forcused on how partners can use coaching methods in the process of managing their associate staff  to support staff utilizing their strengths for talent and task management.

November 9, 2015, CHART Risk Retention Group “Managing Yourself – Developing Your Professional Presence”  

Rosemarie Perla, in this second “Lunch and Learn” session, taught methods for managing mood everyday to be more focused and energized.  Professional Behavior skills were reviewed as well as daily rituals and routines that result in better focus and energy.

November 2, 2015, CHART Risk Retention Group “Managing Communication in the Work Place and Beyond” 

Rosemarie Perla presented a “lunch and Learn” session for staff teaching effective communication skills in speaking, writing and emailing. As well as, ways to manage stress to minimize team tensions and increase effective team performance.

July 5, 2015,  Grossman, Yanak and Ford, All staff Leadership Training, “Honing Professional Behavior: A Day in Skill Building and Positive Leadership.”

Tim Hayes and Rosemarie Perla conducted this half day training to managing partners and associate staff as part of this firm’s ongoing Professional Leadership Training. Tim focused on writing and speaking skill building and, Rosemarie led staff in exercises geared toward promoting positive attitudes in team and individual leadership to promote success in the work place.

April 23, 2015 AIA Pittsburgh’s 14th Annual Continuing Education Conference, “Personal and Professional Time Management Strategies for Team Leaders”

Rosemarie Perla and Carolyn Maue presented strategies for project managers on managing to-do lists, time and your own behavior as well as your teams for achieving successful outcomes.

November 14, 2014  Pennsylvania Health Information Management Association, Fall Leadership Meeting, “Succeeding in the Work Place… Despite the Challenges and Stressors.”

This Conference Keynote presentation reviewed the recent research in the social sciences on how we can thrive in challenging times by focusing on managing negative thinking and promoting learned optimism. Participants were given small group exercises to consider work place stressors and ways to apply methods taught in the presentation.

June 6, 2014 WPHIMA-Western Pennsylvania Health Information Management Association Yearly Meeting of Directors,   “Choosing Growth and Positivity in the Work Place.”

Rosemarie Perla presents recent social science research on Positivity and Strength Psychology and gives specific exercises for the group to practice building positivity in the work place. Directors leave with specific ideas on ways to build positivity in their staff and in themselves.

CHART-Risk Retention Group Staff Conference, June 20, 2014 “Succeeding and Flourishing in the Work Place…Despite the Challenges and Stressors”

Rosemarie Perla presents Part II of a presentation on managing oneself in the work place when stressors and challenges aries and ways to work more successfully with co-workers and team members.

CHART-Risk Retention Group Staff Conference, November 22, 2013 “Choosing Growth and Positivity in the Work Place”

Rosemarie Perla presents to all staff meeting on recent social science research in Positive Psychology and ways to practice positivity daily in the work place.

Volunteer Administrators of Southwestern PA (VASP) June 13, 2012 “The Power of Gratitude: Practicing Positive Communication and Raising Optimism in the Work Place.”

Rosemarie Perla presents to volunteer directors as to how they can infuse more positivity and optimism in the work place and in managing themselves and their employees.

Rosemarie Perla and Tim Hayes present:  Gratitude, Attitude and Magnitude: Celebrating 25 years of Bill Few Associates – February, June  and October 2012, February 2013

People instinctively realize that assuming a positive attitude yields greater results.  The challenge comes in fostering and sustaining positivity, since human nature is wired in the opposite direction.  Negativity remains the genetic default, in other words. Rosemarie Perla and Tim Hayes have developed a novel approach toward addressing the issue of increasing positivity in the workplace – starting with attention on individual strengths, and building into a more team and organizational application.

This tailored interactive group development session focuses on three core ideas essential to fostering a healthy personal and professional life, blending instruction, interaction, and exercises to bring the concepts into practical application.  The three core ideas are:

GRATITUDE: Builds on current social science research that offers practical exercises for using positive communication in team and client interactions.ATTITUDE:  Builds on core leadership practices and business communication success through trust and frank communications with each other and clients.MAGNITUDE: Extends this grateful attitude outward to a more effective communication style geared to heightening leadership awareness and ability to persuade others.  When team members understand and embrace these ideas, positivity flows more freely through your organization, opening doors to increased productivity and enhanced profitability.  When people like where they are, what they’re doing, and the people working alongside them, good things happen for your business.

Duquesne University School of Leadership and Professional Advancement    “Coaching Leaders in a Time of Complexty”

Part I – May 19, 2012– Rosemarie Perla, MS, MA, PCC presents this 4 hour workshop which will introduce participants to a research backed framework of coaching leaders in a time of dynamic change for businesses and corporations: aspects of coaching leaders to best results, self leadership and executive management will all be explored.

Part II – June 9, 2012 – Alyson Lyon, MBA presents the second part of the above workshop focusing on the complexities of relationships within business systems and how this can affect the coaching relationship. Specific skills are outlined in assisting coaches to motivate and inspire executives to lead with maturity in challenging business environment.

Designed for business coaches, consultants, and executives interested in gaining a deeper understanding of designing their own approach to coaching leaders and leadership coaching mastery.

Pittsburgh Legal Administrators, February 17, 2012

Tom Hayes presents “Improving Profitable Client Interaction”

Clients have certain expectations of professional conduct from vendors. This workshop offers a survey of behavioral dos and don’ts, with a special emphasis on communicating with clients. How do you determine what a client wants? What is the client’s preferred mode of communication? How do you show up with confidence and an unmistakably professional air?

Pittsburgh Legal Administrators Association, January 31, 2012

Rosemarie Perla presents “Leading with your Strengths” A workshop focused on latest research in strengths and positive psychology as well as business research on what creates motivated employees Individuals, unlock their performance potential through understanding and leading with their strengths. Participants complete two strength surveys and learn how to build capacity to use their strengths to achieve their professional goals and those of their organization.

Bill Few & Associates, November 17, 2011 – 4 pm. Pittsburgh, Pa

Rosemarie Perla and Tim Hayes present “Manifesting Your Strengths.” A workshop focusing on positivity in the workplace, identifying your strengths (both hidden and apparent), meaningful goal setting, effective written and spoken communications, and ways to integrate these essentially improving professionalism and client service.

Yanak, Grossman and Ford, LLC, July 2011
Rosemarie Perla and Tim Hayes presented “Professional and Communication Skill Development” a workshop aimed at improving professional communication skills both written/oral, appropriate use of email, writing for clarity and handling tough communication situations.  Positivity in the workplace research shared and tips given, goals setting for professional development in 5 steps.

Creative Planning Retreat for Professionals, April 8-9, 2011, St. Emma’s Monastery, Greensburg, PA

Retreat facilitated by Rosemarie Perla,  Executive Coach and Consultant

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

—Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple Computers

Purpose of retreat: To give the business professional time out to consider vision and values related to their work life; to design how they want to continue contributing in their careers and in their communities.

Pittsburgh Professional Women
Clever Networking Lunch with guest speaker Rosemarie Perla,  “Creating Success Using Your Strengths and Assets”  Learn tools to understand, chart and gain insight from your needs, values and strengths which can assist you in charting the accomplishments and success you desire in work and life.

Duquesne University
“Authentically Walking Your Talk as a Coach.”  Duquesne University Campus, Pittsburgh, PA.  This workshop, presented by Rosemarie Perla, is sponsored by the Duquense University Professional Coach Certification Program (PCCP) and focuses on effective processes that assist coaches in “coaching from the inside out.” This two-hour workshop offers participants experiential opportunities to develop their own personal effectiveness and to gain insight and skill in knowing how their BEING impacts their clients and their own success as coaches.

Johns Hopkins University
Johns Hopkins University. Coaching Medical students in the practices of eating and cooking healthy for self-care before patient care. Restorative Medicine Course:  “Food as Medicine.” Armstrong Medical Arts Building, Baltimore, MD.

Pittsburgh Professional Women
“Think Like a Leader” This workshop focused on leadership development skills: self awareness, emotional intelligence, change management and creativity. Featured speakers: Rosemarie Perla, Maria Berdusco, Beth Caldwell and Jeff Tobe.

Health South Rehabilitation
Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital    “Better and happier days at work and in life”,  This presentation described new research in positive psychology that defines ways to show up at work more energized, creative and happier – resulting in more productive and committed staff.

Pulte Homes
“Strategies for Work and Life,” Detroit, MI – This staff development workshop focuses on discovering and integrating participants’ purpose, strengths and values in the context of setting goals for work-life balance.

NFTE: National Association for Teaching Entrepreneurship
“Stand and Deliver: Stress Management Methods for Public Speaking,” Riverside Center for Innovation, Pittsburgh, PA; Eat’n Park Group Corporate Headquarters, Pittsburgh, PA. – This coaching workshop teaches specific stress management skills and presentation skills for delivering a quality public speech and power point presentation.

Thomas & Williamson, Inc
“Building Relationships from the Inside Out,” Pittsburgh, PA – This staff development workshop focuses on employees expressing their strengths in the workplace and building productive business relationships.

Western Pennsylvania Borough Managers
“Leading & Living: Having a Life While You are Make a Living.” – Western Pennsylvania Borough Managers Conference,. This workshop focuses on teaching strategies that will assist managers in learning and applying success strategies for living and working more on purpose; leadership values and ways to serve family, work and community more effectively are reviewed.

White and Case, LLC
“Personal politics of persuasion: Tools for Survival,” Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY office of White and Case. This workshop (luncheon, four hour or all day format) identifies key communication strategies for successful team work and, creating networks for peer learning, support and mentoring. Workshop co-leader MJ Tocci

National Association of Legal Secretaries
“Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace,” Pittsburgh, PA. Focus: Teaches more effective communication skills with difficult behaviors that show up in the work environment.