Executive Outplacement Services


The Perla Coaching and Consulting offers Executive Outplacement Service which focuses on experienced and mature executives who want to reassess mid and late career goals after leaving a position in a company. Services are delivered in a blended delivery fashion (phone, in-person, email and Skype) and include:


  • Assessment of Values and strengths to leverage in job market
  • Expanding vision and goals related to employment search
  • Completing and de-briefing assessments related to talents, strengths and skills to develop
  • Designing a strengths/talent profile to interface with compatible employment opportunities
  • Cultivating and practicing interviewing skills
  • Teaching of professional behavior and poise for interviewing and networking
  • Construct resume, cover letters and bio for employment search
  • Identify network opportunities and broaden networking scope
  • Assess interviewing performance against vision, goals and ongoing skill development needs

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