Perla Coaching and Consulting periodically gives workshops during the year. Checkout this list to see how we tailor workshops to clients’ needs.

Professional Behavior Courses


Honing Professional Behavior: This training workshop teaches meaningful and immediately implementable strategies and tactics on improving positive thinking, learning to lead with one’s strengths and honing professional communications skills, as a means of enhancing performance within the organization and among external clients.

Improving Profitable Client Interaction: Clients have certain expectations of professional conduct from vendors. This course offers a survey of behavioral dos and don’ts, with a special emphasis on communicating with clients. How do you determine what a client wants? What is the client’s preferred mode of communication? How do you show up with confidence and an unmistakably professional air?

Positivity in the Workplace: Recent research proves that actively practicing more positive than negative interactions increase success and effectiveness of work teams. This course features strategies for increasing positive emotions and relationships on teams and in workplaces, along with practical assessments and surveys to measure positivity in individuals and teams.

Leading with Your Strengths for Enhanced Work Performance: Using the latest research in strengths and positive psychology as well as business research on what creates motivated employees, this workshop helps individuals unlock their performance potential through understanding and leading with their strengths. Participants learn how to build capacity to use their strengths to achieve their professional goals and those of their organization.

Coaching Methods for Managers and Team Members: Inspiration vs. Mediocrity: Top-down management is so 20th century. This course brings management styles up to date, using techniques to motivate, reward and inspire employees to success using coaching methods of listening, asking powerful questions, assisting staff to create large goals based on inspiring visions, and setting organizational values and aspirations. Employees emerge with more of a sense of purpose, autonomy and desire to succeed when managers support their strengths and talent.

Goals Gone Wild: Achieving and Succeeding in the Workplace: Getting from where you are to where you want to go professionally and meeting organizational metrics can be achieved using a 5-step process outlined in this course to set, monitor and achieve goals. Participants use a professional development grid for performance reviews with managers/mentors.
Sample workplace goals are provided, with participants pairing up to coach each other on goal setting and to establish one self-developmental goal.

Other Interactive Group Workshop and Courses

We also offer several group workshops to help you and your team attract clients through your professional behavior and communication.

Our interactive group modules center on professionalism, productivity, and profitability:

  • Demonstrating to clients and company a consistent level of professional behavior in all aspects of your conduct.
  • Representing the organization enthusiastically and well, as the foundation of winning and sustaining profitable business relationships.
  • Effective and meaningful professional goal setting.
  • Demonstrating a positive mindset resulting in winning interaction on your teams and in the workplace.
  • Powerfully and efficiently assembling and promoting your ideas in writing.
  • Overcoming anxiety and confidently presenting your ideas before a group, whether internal or external.
  • Nurturing social and emotional intelligent behavior so that common good and goals of the work group can be readily achieved.
  • Displaying accountability and responsibility.

We believe flexibility and responsiveness to client needs must be a top priority. Each workshop module below is designed as a half-day session, but can be extended into a full-day, or conference key notes, if desired. You can mix and combine modules in any way you want, and can extend the length of certain modules to accommodate larger groups, if necessary.

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