A Mindfull Vision™

How to Leverage Your Leadership Brand to Take Your Presentation Skills to a New Level?

A Mindfull Vision™, presented in partnership with national award-winning writer and executive communications consultant Tim Hayes, begins with instruction and dialogue with leaders like you on gaining greater poise and maturity when communicating and acting as a trusted, trustworthy leader. Our program—a distinct and powerful blending rarely found in business circles—guides participants (individuals or groups) along two concurrent tracks:

Track 1: Mindfull Managing

We first look inward, helping you understand what makes you most effective: your values, strengths and unique talents – crafting your unique Leadership Brand Statement.  This becomes the core element, the driving force, behind your communication and management style.

By providing expert social science-researched methods and rich interpersonal coaching to maximize your leadership strengths, Mindfull Managing brings you to a new level of performance as an elite manager and artful decision maker.

Track 2: Mindfull Messaging

Next we look outward, advancing you in your vital role as communicator.  This includes one-to-one coaching on presentation skills — maximizing your emotional, physical, verbal, and vocal impact.

By crafting original speeches for you, providing high-energy presentation skills coaching, and infusing your unique Leadership Brand Statement into every communication, Mindfull Messaging arms you with soaring confidence and unquestioned credibility.

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